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There is now a label sewn to the cover indicating the maximum shoulder height for a forward-facing child. It corresponds to the top harness slot in the shell and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to know when the seat is outgrown by height forward-facing. Labeling on the seat is simpler, clearer, and now colour-coded. Blue indicates rear-facing instructions, and green is for forward-facing. The internal lock-offs correspond to the label colours. Labeling for the one year age minimum to forward-face has been removed from both American and Canadian seats in order to promote the American Academy of Pediatrics guidance to keep toddlers rear-facing until they are at least 2 years of age.

HUGS Chest Pads Harness Ultra-Guard System feature safe-cell technology, which compress during a crash to manage energy, as well as reduce forward movement of the child by adding friction to the harness.

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Side Impact Cushions SICT are not air bags that deploy, but rather an energy-management system situated on either side of the shell. They compress to absorb energy in a crash and strategically expel air. Integrated Steel Bars. Designed to reduce the forward flexing of the restraint during a crash and thereby preventing injury resulting from forward movement in the vehicle, integrated steel bars are visible down the sides of the seat, and are where the LATCH connectors are attached for both rear- and forward-facing use.

Base with SafeCell Technology. An engineered honey-comb-like structure visible in the base of the Advocate, this technology functions to reduce the risk of head injury in a crash. The Safe Cells are designed to compress, which lowers the center of gravity and counteracts the forward rotation of the restraint. Integrated lock-offs for rear-facing and forward-facing installations with seat belt.

Located inside the belt paths under the cover , the lock-offs make for an easy seat belt install. Lock-offs are now colour coded and correspond to labels for use on the shell of the seat. Rear-facing lock-offs are blue, forward-facing are green.

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  7. See here for video instructions for using the lock-offs. A highly convenient and much-appreciated feature this system prevents the buckle from getting trapped under a child when putting them into the seat by springing it forward and out of the way when unoccupied. Works rear-facing and forward-facing. For rear-facing installations, ensure that the seat is fully reclined pull handle at front edge of the seat , and then use the level line on the side of the seat as a guide. Even fully reclined the seat fits nicely rear-facing in small spaces. Note that the use of the lower anchors comes with a weight limit: when the child reaches 40 lbs.

    Center LATCH installations with non-standard spacing are allowed by Britax as long as the spacing between the lower anchors is inches and as long as your vehicle manufacturer expressly allows a carseat to be installed in the center seating position using LATCH.

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    Reference your vehicle manual to determine how your belt locks, and the Advocate manual for compatible belt types and appropriate routing. I was able to achieve a good rear-facing installation in both my 03 Honda Civic and 03 Honda Odyssey in all seating positions. The front passenger seat can be all the way back in the Civic even when the seat is reclined fully for a newborn. Forward-facing installation is equally simple using either LATCH or seat belt, and again reference your manuals for information about your seat belt and how to route it.

    Note that no re-routing is required of the LATCH connectors that remain attached to the integrated steel bars on the side of the seat, but when installing with the belt a deliberate choice of belt path is required. Note colour coded lock-offs that correspond to colour coding in the manual, and on the labels on the side of the seat: blue is rear-facing, green is forward-facing.

    If your vehicle head restraint is not adjustable or removable consult your vehicle manual!

    Britax Advocate ClickTight 12222 – Convertible Car Seat – Detailed Review & Verdict

    In Canada it is mandatory to use the Versa-Tether at all times, both rear- and forward-facing, and in the US it is strongly recommended. Consult your vehicle manual for guidance regarding tether anchor points. The video below shows both tethering options permitted for rear-facing. The panel should pop right open.

    Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Circa

    The ARB then just slides in place into those two slots. Trust me, I did that, it was dramatic, hilarious, I almost took my own eye out and then I had to put it back in, which was thankfully easy. Make sure to connect the tether and remove any slack if installing forward facing. If the panel does not close, you may have pulled the belt too taut and may need to give it a little more slack before you close the ClickTight compartment.

    Also, when installing rear facing, the seat almost always ends up more upright once installed than it looked when you were in the process of installing it.

    Remove the lower anchors from their compartment on the back of the seat. Open the ClickTight panel, route the lower anchors through the correct belt path, hook them onto the anchors, remove excess slack from the connector webbing, close the ClickTight panel and that should be it. Check for movement at the belt path, you need less than an inch side to side and front to back. As mentioned earlier, make sure to attach the tether when using the seat forward-facing and discontinue use of anti-rebound bar.

    The tether is stored in a compartment on the back of the seat, which is nearly impossible to access once the seat is installed forward facing. The tether should be used whether you install with the seat belt or lower anchors as it serves to dramatically reduce the forward head excursion of the child. The latch connectors are the old-style hooks just another way Britax is screaming at you to use the seat belt! Instead, you have to use the tension release button near one of the hooks to release the tension on the latch strap. If the headrest of the vehicle causes the Britax headrest to be displaced or prevents full extension of the headrest, Britax says that you should remove the vehicle headrest.

    Britax Advocate ClickTight Weight Limits

    If the seat is too upright for a young infant, even on the maximal recline, you can use a pool noodle or rolled towel to achieve an appropriate newborn angle. My smallest model is a 1 month old baby boy named Clayton. Auto-Level Indicators. Multiple Recline Positions. Built here. Quick Adjust Headrest. Quality Assured. Premium Fabrics.

    ClickTight Installation System is safe and simple to use. Open the front of the car seat, feed the seatbelt through the indicated path, buckle and click the seat shut.

    Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

    SafeCell Impact Protection is a safety system including a steel frame, energy-absorbing base and patented V-shaped tether. Impact-absorbing base compresses to reduce the force of a collision. Impact-stabilizing steel frame offers superior strength where you need it most: at the connection point to the vehicle.

    Patented V-shaped tether minimizes seat rotation with a unique two-strap design and staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement during a crash.