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This refers to web hosts that are actively applying ecofriendly initiatives to how they function and to their products, thus helping minimize the effect they have on the environment. One of the primary means through which they give back is by using renewable energy or carbon offsets. We have solar, water, and wind resources that can be tapped into to help make web hosting greener.

These are replenished naturally and their conversion into fuel or electricity will not produce harmful emissions, thus resulting in cleaner and more efficient energy. But not every data center can immediately make the shift and some simply opt out of using them as it means investing money into the technology needed for it. There is no excuse to not doing anything about it, however, as they do have alternatives available to them. In purchasing these, a web hosting company helps in generating a certain amount of clean energy.

The REC Company would then use the profit earned from selling these certificates and invest them towards green energy initiatives. Through this, though they may not have made the switch themselves, the web host company is making a pledge towards helping progress the green energy movement.


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Other than renewable energy credits, web hosting companies can also take advantage of Carbon offsetting, also known as VERs. The amount of which would be equal to the stated number in the certificate provided. The company has over 4 decades of experience in the industry, consistently providing clients with affordable yet high quality hosting.

Aside from this, they also keep their software programs up to date—ensuring reliability and efficiency when it comes to their products. However, one of the things that truly make them standout is the fact that every GreenGeeks account, even those purchased through a GreenGeeks coupon code , leaves a positive energy footprint on the environment. This is because the company replaces every energy your website uses, thrice over, with wind power credits. GreenGeeks offers full feature plans, everything that you need to establish and power your website— the best bit?

Note that all these great features will still be available to you even if you make use of a GreenGeeks promo code when purchasing a hosting plan. This is unsurprising given the convenience and simplicity of using it—even beginners need not master the art of web design in order to set up their site through the platform. That said, GreenGeeks offers their clients further convenience with its WordPress ready web hosting services.

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The platform is used by 1 out of 3 websites globally, attesting to its popularity among novices and pros in the industry. Its community is made up of a diverse set of websites; from business sites, to personal blogs, to even small ecommerce websites. This is a hosting platform offered by GreenGeeks and optimized specifically for use in WordPress websites.

It includes a variety of features such as automatic updates and 1-click WordPress installation. Through this hosting plan, all it really takes is answering a set of questions and clicking a button. In fact, they will provide you with a temporary URL which can be used for testing things out prior to making a move. However, if you prefer older versions of the platform, you can always choose that option as they do make it available for users.

The major contributor to carbon emissions when it comes to web hosting is attributed to the power used by physical computers.

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With that in mind, ecofriendly hosting is turning to the use of more energy-efficient machines to reduce its negative impact. This is why most green web hosts make use of solid state drives as opposed to their more traditional, spinning disk counterparts. This is why individual cooling is required in order to avoid the possibility of it overheating and causing issues. This is why bloated or inefficient software, whether it be at the utility, OS, or application layer, tends to have larger negative impact on the environment when compare to an efficient code.

When choosing a green web host to work with, opt for ones that focus on improving their overall energy usage. They must also invest in more efficient and resource optimized web servers, and operating systems. Remember, regardless of whether you choose a green web host or not, optimizing your code along with your content deliverability will generate a positive on your carbon footprint. Now, while running a server at half its capacity requires much less energy, it must also be noted that two half-loaded machines use more power than one running at max.

The solution here is that running more things on a lesser number of machines is better for the environment.

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It is done across a network of servers, thus allowing data centers to minimize the amount of physical machines working at any given time—but without needing to compromise the output they produce. Reducing the power needed to keep the servers going is only half of the problem when it comes to going green. Then there are those who move their servers to locations where the temperatures are naturally, thus requiring little to no additional cooling for the machines.

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Aside from helping minimize and offset energy consumption, green web hosting also puts emphasis in proper disposal practices as well. Fact is, computer hardware and machines will often contain substances and materials that are harmful to the environment.

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These substances can easily leak into the soil and affect groundwater—eventually making its way to the water we drink. Last, but certainly not the least, do be aware of Greenwashing when it comes to web host providers. As more and more people realize the important of choosing ecofriendly options, more companies have been using this as a way of marketing their products and making them more appealing to the environment conscious. These can be big money savers at places you already go and help you find new places at a lower cost.

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