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References to Alice in Wonderearth abound to Zahrah, Earth is a legend , and some of her journey particularly advice received from a pink frog reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat seems like an attempt to create an Africa-infused Alice tale.

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The world-building is interesting, and Zahrah's journey to self-acceptance is obvious but satisfying; the important theme of exploring, rather than fearing, the unknown is heavy-handed. Because there is little African science fiction written for young readers, comparisons with Nancy Farmer's The Ear, the Eye and the Arm Scholastic, are inevitable, but this story lacks much of the complexity of Farmer's work.

All rights reserved. First-time novelist Okorafor-Mbachu braids elements of African tribal culture and speculative fantasy into a sprawling novel, in which one discerns shades of A Girl Named Disaster , by Nancy Farmer and The People Could Fly , by Virginia Hamilton to whom this book is dedicated. Zahrah is a "dada girl" who was born with vine-entwined dreadlocks. She is also a rare Windseeker coming to uneasy terms with her ability to fly. When her best friend receives a snakebite, Zahrah must venture deeply into the Forbidden Greeny Jungle for an antidote, emerging from the ordeal "glow[ing] with experience" as well as a new mastery over her unusual gifts.

Okorafor-Mbachu's evocative setting will draw experienced fantasy readers with its heady mix of the familiar and the strange Zahrah's people celebrate yam festivals and cultivate personal computers from "CPU seeds" , but following such wild invention, some readers may be disappointed by the more predictable rhythms of Zahrah's linear, episodic quest adventure. Still, this is a welcome addition to a genre sorely in need of more heroes and heroines of color.

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I'd highly recommend it for preteens and young adults, especially for girls going through puberty. But as an adult, I really enjoyed this book as well. This is one of the most unique worlds I've ever read about. There are all sorts of details that are similar to our world, but completely different in some significant way. It was lots of fun to see the world unfold. The story is about a girl who goes on a journey to save her friend.

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A large part of this involves learning about the powers she's developing, and also learning more about the forest that everyone avoids because it's considered too dangerous to approach. This book was fun, beautiful, and creative. It's one of my default recommendations for young adult readers, and I would love to see more books set in this world! Zahrah is different. How different, she does not truly know, until she learns she can fly Thus, while "Death" started with a gripping bang, this one seemed to me to be less, erm, grippy, and much more simpler and a much slower pace.

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But I kept reading, drawn into Zahrah's world, and was glad I did. The Ooni Kingdom and its surrounding forests is lush and imaginative. I enjoyed Zahrah's character growth - from a fearful, timid child to one willing to help change the world. This is another amazing book by this author; highly recommended. Nnedi Okorafor has been one of her favorite authors ever since. Last week my youngest daughter who is 8 years old, picked up Zahrah and never put it down.

She is now searching for a similar book. Akata Witch might be too much for her. Anyone know of a book that is similar to Zharah the Windseeker? I read another book by this author, Akata Witch, and was so impressed that I bought this one right away. It did not disappoint! The world Okorafor created is so lush and the Africa-based setting was really well developed. Both Zahra and her brother are my heartbeat. I can't wait to work with her for the upcoming international Miss Universe pageant.

Ms Jacobs agreed. Mr Wee said: "More than just a beauty pageant, Miss Universe Singapore is about celebrating women who overcome difficult circumstances and are passionate about making the world a better place.


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