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Everyone are producing something mid-range these days. Even Chinese brands. Is it because it shoots videos in full HD at 30 or 60 fps? Is it because it comes action-packed with accessories,has a built in WiFi and a neat 2 inch LCD screen? Or is it maybe due to the fact that it can shoot 4K videos in useless 10 fps?

Price and options it offers make this device, launched by Chinese brand Eken, quite interesting. At least on a paper. So I decided to give it a try. The BunkHouse: We offer the best and latest underwater camera products so that. An explanation of how changes in molecular structure create liquid crystalline structured water.

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Ultra-thin Water Sign Up. Water Dispensers. Posted on September 2nd, by JimBob. Click Here For Deal. Posted on August 24th, by JimBob. Posted on August 18th, by JimBob. Posted on August 5th, by JimBob. Posted on July 25th, by JimBob. Posted on July 22nd, by JimBob.


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Action , camera , GearBest , Sport. You have disabled location permissions. Please enable it or select a city below. Get excellent beauty services with a whole lot of exquisite treatments. They have a team of expert beauticians and stylists who take some time to acquaint themselves with your persona as well as your skin and hair texture in order to give you a style that complements your personality. Promise we won t share your email id with anyone. HSR Layout: You have characters left.

Note - Recommended image specifications width x height - x pixels, size - max 2 mb, format - jpeg. Notify me when any new comment is added. Jump to content Coupons. Aperture Aperture. LED flashlight provides lower power consumption with drive circuitry which takes up little room and can be strobed faster than any other light Source while the Xenon Flash offers an extremely intense full-spectrum white light for a very short duration.

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Front Facing Camera secondary camera or front camera in the device like selfies camera in Smartphone, the user can click his own photo using this camera. Chipset is integrated circuit designed to perform some specific task and popular devices come with more advanced chipset which can perform many different tasks according to their design and programming capabilities. Always look for high-power processor first whenever you will purchase a new device.

Octa-core Quad-core 1.

Eken H9 technical specification

Number of Cores Number of Cores for processor on the device. Graphics Processing GPU GPU Stands for Graphics Processing Unit is a single-chip processor designed to rapidly rapid mathematical calculations, primarily for the purpose of rendering images, This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion and it is also responsible for high-performance gaming graphics a good GPU always have such kind of power to control the gaming graphics.

RAM Memory RAM Random Access Memory is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly, and used by Operating system and installed application in the computing device data in the RAM temporarily stored means it will be lost whenever the device is turn off or restarted. Internal Memory Internal Storage also known as secondary memory or ROM is a data storage space flash memory mostly used in smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices where operating system, apps, music, photos, videos, files and other content stored.

There two types of internal memory expansion expandable and non-expandable. Cache Memory Cache Memory is also known as CPU memory having large cache memory improve the performance of the device. Memory cards allow you to expand the phone's internal storage, A memory card is a small storage memory used to store content such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small, portable or remote computing devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras.

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Sensors Sensors are electronic components which increased the functionality of any computing device in which they are embedded sensors detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment. Input Type Input Type.

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Users can easily switch SIM card from one mobile set to another. The Operating System manages and controls the functions of the hardware components of the computing device. User Interface UI UI or user interface f human—machine interaction of a device is the look and feel of the on-screen menu system.

How it works, its color scheme, how it responds to button presses, all of these things are part of the user interface. Social Network FB Facebook its no 1 popular free social networking site which allows users to create a free account and adds your friends or family in your social list to chat with them, upload photos, videos, video chat and send messages via the internet and keep in touch with friends,Each Smartphone supports Facebook app. Video-Sharing Youtube Youtube is a popular free video-sharing website, Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world, Millions of users around the world have created accounts on the site that allow them to upload videos that anyone can watch.

Microblogging Twitter Twitter is global microblogging social media website, you can use twitter application on your smartphone, tablet.

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  4. Microblogging is a broadcast medium that exists in the form of blogging. A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregated file size. Picture format Picture format Supported by device. Alert Types Alert types are types of sound which notify the users when someone sends notifications like a phone call, message, email etc. Sound Sound. Audio Output for external sound using headset. Rs for LOreal or Wella hair smoothening. No Coupon Code Required. I agree to subscribe to mydala Newsletter. Get Directions. Thank you for submitting your review!

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